Red Tail Publishing

Percy Learns to Fly

by Patricia Schetter, Kandis Lighthall, Mary A Livingston

In the 2013 Gelett Burgess Gold Medal Award winning book for motivation and inspiration, the reader will meet Percy, his family, classmates and teacher, all residence of Gull Island. Everyone can see Percy is different. As a penguin growing up on an island of sea gulls he and his parents face many challenges. His parents deal with concerns from their family, comments from friends and demands from his teacher. He tries hard to fit in with his friends and do well in school despite teasing from his classmates and educational demands that all students meet the same requirements.

A few pages from inside the Book

  • Paperback ISBN-13:  
  • Publisher ABTA Publications and Products
  • Pages: 
  • Words:  
  • Age: Birth to Twelve years
  • Lexile Reading Level
  • Grade Reading Level: Kindergarten to Fourth 
  • Educational content:  
  • Author:  Patricia Schetter
  • Illustrator: Mary A Livingston