Red Tail Publishing

Granny Locks and the Three Bears

by Mary A Livingston, Tim Livingston

After her three bear scare, Goldie visits her grandmother. She shares how Granny Locks teaches her all kinds of things about bears. Together they serve up a new twist on an old classic.
The American Black Bear is featured in the educational 
Critter Chit-Chatterâ„¢ back matter. 

A few pages from inside the Book

  • Paperback ISBN-13: 
  • Hardcover ISBN-13:  
  • Pages: 32
  • Words:  
  • Age: Birth to Twelve years
  • Lexile Reading Level
  • Grade Reading Level: Kindergarten to Fourth 
  • Educational content:   words
  • Author:  Mary A Livingston
  • Illustrators: Tim Livingston, Mary A Livingston