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Buddy, the Wayward Wolverine
No Place for UGLY Birds
The Unstoppable Eagles
Roxie and the Deer
Stickers VIP (Very Important Porcupine)
Sully's New Home
FireStorm in the Forest
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  • No Place for UGLY Birds
  • Turkey Vulture plush
  • Buddy, the Wayward Wolverine
  • Wolverine Plush
  • The Unstoppable Eagles
  • Bald Eagle Plush
  • Sully's New Home
  • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Plush
  • FireStorm in the Forest
  • Red-tailed Hawk Plush
  • Roxie and the Deer
  • Wild Gray Canine Plush
  • Stickers VIP
  • Porcupine Plush
  • Percy Learns to Fly
  • Wild Republic Plush
  • CuddleKins
  • Cabin Critters

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